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Dev Manuel

Dev Manuel

Software engineer | Google | Class of 2015

As part-time jobs go, Dev Manuel (’15) gets extra credit for creativity.

“I was always bored on weekends, so I tried to get involved with little side-projects to keep myself busy,” says the now-software engineer at Google.

“Being broke college students, a friend and I thought about starting a food delivery business to put some extra cash into our pockets. It was going to be great. The business was named Snacktime Delivery, and we would deliver homemade Mexican burritos directly to your doorstep. 

“We thought it would be cool if customers used an app to order. Because, why not? We didn’t know much about burritos so my friend struck a deal with a local Mexican restaurant while I, together with another friend, created the app. 

“The funniest part was that another friend helped us hack the popular messaging app Yik Yak so that our post titled ‘Burritos from Snacktime Delivery are SOOOO good!’ was on top for 10 consecutive weeks. Imagine 10,000 college students opening Yik Yak every day and seeing our cheesy post on the top; it drove them insane.

“Needless to say, Snacktime Delivery attracted a lot of flame after that incident, but we never had a shortage of orders.

“We ended up winding down the project as our team graduated and got real jobs. However, I vividly remember this as one of the best periods of time in my undergraduate career. Nothing is more exciting than working with a group of friends to change the face of Mexican food delivery on campus.

“My biggest regret? Not getting more involved with the Bitcoin mining enterprise that my close friend had started. This was back in 2012 when Bitcoin was $10 per piece.”