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Anna Patterson

Anna Patterson

Founder, Gradient Ventures | Google | Class of 1998

Long before she was selected as the sixth-most-powerful woman in engineering by Business Insider, Google executive Anna Patterson (Ph.D. ’98) was a grad-student DJ at WEFT (90.1 on your FM dial).

“I did a weekly radio broadcast called ‘Industrial Revolution,’ which was not educational, but played industrial dance music. My slot moved around, so I did get complaints about dance music being played from 6 to 9 a.m. on a weekday.”

Patterson, who in April made the move from VP of engineering to managing partner of gradient ventures at Google, also has vivid memories of a favorite studying lounge — “a bustling, home-away-from-home family room for the thousands of my fellow students.

“As they walked through, their laughter, their angst, their passion for studying and exchange of ideas allowed me to concentrate in this flow of sound and to be still in the swirl of movement.”