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Spencer Turkin

Play-by-play announcer

North Carolina A&T

Joni Comstock

Sr. VP of championships


Ryan Coon

CEO, co-founder


Jacob Hoffman

Product manager, social experiences

Sony PlayStation

Julie Peoples

Assistant executive director

Hart Felt Ministries

Emily Berman

Director, product management/innovation

Medline Industries

Mike Lullo

Retired partner

Deloitte & Touche

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Dorothy Capers

Senior VP, general counsel

National Express LLC

Rachyl Stephenson

Assistant instructor

University of Texas

Suzanne Bates

Longtime TV anchor

Bates Communications CEO

Rochelle Funderburg


Meyer Capel

Yeerik Moy

VP, Labor Relations

Sony Pictures Entertainment

Beth Bugdaycay

Former Rebecca Taylor CEO

Co-founded Foundrae jewelry line

Graeme McGufficke

3-time Big Ten champ

N.C. political operative

Bob O’Dekirk

Joliet mayor

Former police officer

Natasha Samreny

Standup comedian

Head writer, Florida Studio Theatre

Robert Kravets

Associate professor, food science & nutrition

Cal Poly University

Jessica (Galli) Cloy

7-time Paralympic medal winner

Holds three world records

Lisa Ligon

Nat’l sales/marketing manager

AeroPress, Inc.

Paul Steely White

Director, safety policy/advocacy

Bird scooter sharing company

Jeff Badu

2018 Lester McKeever Award

Chicago CPA

Jim Stone

Chair, Dept. of Astrophysical Sciences

Princeton University

Christine ‘LadyBee’ Kristen

Archivist, art collection manager

Burning Man Project

Jim Vermette

CEO, UI Alumni Association (1967-84)

Executive VP, Cozad Asset Management

Carolyn Primus

Founder, Avalon Biomed

Owns 13 patents