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Emily Sexton

Emily Sexton

Associate general counsel | Kennedy Center | Class of 1996

If it happened to Emily Sexton on campus, chances are it happened on the Quad.

“The one place that really sums up my non-academic time at Illinois is the area of the Quad immediately adjacent to the Illini Union," says the 1996 grad, now the associate general counsel at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

"Whether it was a pick-up hacky sack circle, an impromptu jam session with whomever brought a guitar that day, or rousing debates between protesters, that is the one place where for most of my time at Illinois I could always count on running into an acquaintance from all aspects of my campus experience.

“It is where I took the mic on National Coming Out Day. It is where I met my first bandmates. It was a home away from home during the day, whether I lived at Allen Hall or on opposite ends of Green Street.”

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