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Jessica Whitham

Jessica Whitham

Animal welfare biologist | Chicago Zoological Society | Class of 2000

As great moments in C-U concert history go, this one's nowhere near the top.

But 20 years later, Jessica Whitham ('00) still hasn't gotten that song she heard over, and over, and over, out of her head.

All right stop

Collaborate and listen

Ice is back with my brand new invention ...

“I remember stumbling upon tickets to a Vanilla Ice concert at R&R’s, the bar that was home to the communal Shark Bowl and always seemed to be playing ‘Paul Revere’ when I walked through the door. If my memory serves me correctly, he sang ‘Ice Ice Baby’ three times to keep the crowd satisfied — the late ’90s weren’t exactly his hey day — and it worked."

A more pleasant memory from the Chicago animal welfare biologist's time here: "the elegant brunches served at the Six Pack on Sundays."

"It seemed odd for students to be nibbling on tea sandwiches and scones — and listening to a harpist play — while sporting pajamas and bed head," she says. "It was such a treat.”