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Lee Reichert

Lee Reichert

Deputy general counsel | Molson Coors Brewing Co. | Class of 1992

When future attorneys needed to get some serious studying in, engineering's Grainger Library was the top destination. 

And the Law School library? Not so much, says Molson Coors deputy general counsel Lee Reichert (Class of '92).

“It’s hard to think of my time at Illinois and not recall the Law School library," he says. "Of course, my time spent there was not actually studying — law students quickly learned that for serious work, you needed to go somewhere else, like the engineering library. 

“Instead, it was the place to socialize with your classmates, make plans to head out to Murphy’s or Kam’s to relax over some cold beers, or meet the undergrads who managed to sneak in hoping to date a future attorney.”