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Maggie Huynh

Maggie Huynh

Public relations coordinator | Chicago Police Department | Class of 2014

If it was a Tuesday night, or a Friday morning, or a Sunday afternoon — or, well, pretty much any time of any day during the school year in the first part of the decade — odds are, Maggie Huynh could be found at 512 East Green Street.

For the future Chicago Police Department PR coordinator, The Daily Illini's former digs were as much a second home as any dorm or apartment she slept in from 2010-14.

“As anyone who ever stepped foot in that building knew, it’s where we spent 99 percent of our time,” says the former DI editor and 2014 journalism grad.

”The people in that newsroom became each other’s family away from home. That third floor saw a lot of mid-production fighting, late drop nights, naps, weekend editorial meetings and pep talks.

"It was also a quick walk to Legends, our favorite post-production spot.

”And, of course, the faculty in the journalism department can’t be forgotten. Lynn Holley, John Paul, Nancy Benson, Ken Erdey, Steve Helle and Christopher Benson were saints for dealing with us, a bunch of kids who had no idea what we were doing.”