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Ruth Baleiko

Ruth Baleiko

Partner, Seattle studio | Miller Hull architectural firm | Class of 1996

We say Illinois, Seattle architect Ruth Baleiko says ... Professor Art Kaha.

“Absolutely my favorite faculty member from my days at the university,” says the award-winning architect, who received her UI bachelor’s degree in 1996 and her master’s two years later.

“He was always looking out for me as an out-of-state student: inquiring about my family, sending scholarships and teaching positions my way, and being an all around advocate within the School of Architecture.”

As far as favorite C-U spots, put Baleiko down for a four-way tie for first:

“Daily runs in the leafy neighborhoods of Champaign or Urbana.”

“Taking a mid-afternoon nap in the sun on the Quad.”

“Trips to Custard Cup.”

“Days and nights spent in Architecture Hall.”