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Stassi Cramm

Stassi Cramm

Presiding bishop | Community of Christ Church

An Illini love story, cheap eats edition ...

“I remember a restaurant on Green Street where you could get a bean burrito with sour cream for a very small price. It was across the street from Baskin-Robbins," says Stassi Cramm, the Missouri-based presiding bishop of the Community of Christ Church.

"In the spring semester of 1983, my now-husband, Stephen Cramm, and I were running short on funds so we didn’t spend a lot on food. But once a week, we would have a date night that included getting these cheap and very filling bean burritos.

"If we had managed our funds particularly well that week, we would top it off with ice cream from Baskin-Robbins. These weekly experiences seemed like survival at the time but 34 years later, we fondly remember these dates and still go out for cheap date night in the tradition that was born out of necessity as we wrapped up our degrees at the U of I.”