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Artan Sheshmani

Artan Sheshmani

Associate math professor | Harvard University | Class of 2008

Whenever he needed a study break as a post-grad student, you could usually find future Harvard faculty member Artan Sheshmani in the same spot.

“I spent many hours in the main Quad, whenever I was tired of thinking about math,” says the Ivy League associate math professor, who earned two degrees in that subject from the UI — a master’s in 2008 and Ph.D. three years later.

“One favorite spot was the Espresso Royale at 1117 West Oregon Street, where I used to sit for hours studying and trying to develop my proof on dealing with non-perfect deformation-obstruction complexes in algebraic geometry and mathematics of string theory.

“I owe my mathematical career to Illinois and my two advisors, Sheldon Katz and Tom Nevins, who are still there.

“Good old days indeed.”