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Andrew Green

Andrew Green

Technical director | Management Systems International | Class of 1998

His name's Andrew, not Abraham, but the Land if Lincoln native’s ties to our 16th president run deep.

Lincoln Hall looms so large in my memories, mostly because I did my Ph.D. in political science when the department was still in that building, but also because I’m a native Illinoisan,” says Andrew Green, technical director at Management Systems International.

“It was the perfect name for a building housing the study of political science, enhanced to no small effect by the presence of a professor named Stephen A. Douglas, a coincidence that never ceased to amuse me.

“Perhaps the high point of such historic associations for me was when Professor Douglas and I went to lunch with a prospective grad student, a smart young woman with the last name of Mudd. Even now I maintain an odd connection to Lincoln, as my Maryland town was home to a young John Wilkes Booth for a while.

“Alas, the political science department is no longer in Lincoln Hall, more’s the pity.”