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Steve Stratton

Steve Stratton

International director | JLL, Chicago | Class of 1973

In Steve Stratton’s day (and more than a few days since), the most entertaining football games on campus weren’t waged at Memorial Stadium.

“One of my favorite memories are of the super-competitive touch football games between the various fraternities and independent dorms," says JLL's international director and chairman of its headquarters practice group.

"We would routinely get great crowds lining the fields — we truly thought we were a bigger football story than our own struggling Illini varsity football team.

“There were more than a dozen games that brought the best of competitive juices over those years as well as the camaraderie and rivalries that these experiences brought out during our young adulthood.

“I was a member of the ATO team, which won campus championships in the last three years of my four-year tenure. Big fun.”