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Andy Lowery

Andy Lowery

CEO, RealWear | U.S. Navy veteran | Class of 1997

Andy and Melissa Lowery can’t say thank you enough for all that Dr. Adesida did for the Navy couple during their time in C-U.

But they’re not referring to the same Dr. Adesida you may be thinking of.

“Not the professor of electrical engineering and former provost Dr. Adesida, but a smaller and for us, a much more powerful one,” Andy says.

“For you see, Dr. Patience Adesida, wife to Professor Adesida, gave birth to our son, Christopher (that’s him in the picture in mom’s arms), over 20 years ago in the Covenant Medical Center in Urbana.

"Christopher didn’t make her job easy, but she made it look easy, as legendary doctors will do.  

“She is a true jewel of the greater Champaign-Urbana area and we are lucky to have been under her care.”

Melissa majored in political science, Andy in electrical engineering. After a 25-year career in the Navy, Ret. Lt. Commander Andy became CEO of RealWear, Inc., a West Coast-based computer hardware company.