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David Tomasko

Associate dean and professor

Ohio State College of Engineering

Petros Ioannou

USC Professor of Electrical Engineering Systems

Director, Center for Advanced Transportation Technologies

Qilin Li

Civil and environmental engineering professor

Rice University

Chris Myers

VP/Advanced Technology

John Deere

Jovan Jovanovic

Patent attorney

Founding partner, Watson IP Group

Aaron Walz

Director, Ag Data Services

Purdue College of Agriculture

Pablo Acosta

Senior economist

The World Bank

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An education that proves your purpose

Kishor Trivedi

Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Duke University

Daniel Joe

Staff engineer

Samsung Electronics

Xin Wang

Assistant professor, U of Wisconsin

Civil and environmental engineering

Morgan Polikoff

Associate professor of education


Larry Fahnestock

UI professor

Civil and environmental engineering

Rick Lawrence


PCIX, Inc.

Kent Choquette

Abel Bliss Professor

UI Grainger College of Engineering

Shannon Beranek

Transportation engineer

City of Urbana

Jennifer Bernhard

Associate dean for research

Grainger College of Engineering

James Stukel

UI’s 15th president (1995-2005)

MS, Ph.D. in mechanical engineering

Deborah Thurston

Gutgsell Professor

Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering

Lynne Thieme

Software engineer

Trustee, Delta Gamma Foundation

Dan Reed

Sr. VP for academic affairs

University of Utah

Bob Bayne

Wisconsin president

Grumman/Butkus Associates

Debra Laefer

NYU urban informatics professor

Director of Citizen Science

Jake Becraft

Co-founder, CEO

Strand Therapeutics

Rich Stanbaugh


NuArx, Inc.

Joe Glas

Ret. VP/GM, DuPont Biotechnology

Ret. CTO, Myriant Corp.