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Anjali Dooley

Anjali Dooley

General counsel | Forefront TeleCare, Inc. | Class of 1994

Green Street looks nothing like it did in Anjali Dooley’s day, when last call on weekends meant one thing. 

“Burritos as big as your head at La Bamba. Loved that place. It was almost a nightly weekend spot to see everyone after going out," says Dooley, now general counsel for St. Louis-based Forefront TeleCare, Inc.

“I also remember the Kinko’s on Wright as I was there often getting notes of BIology 101 and Chemistry 101. I loved living in Illini Towers on Chalmers and have now ran into people that I know lived near there with me.

"Great times — but I could never go back to college again.”