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Anshul Agarwal

Anshul Agarwal

User experience researcher | Google of India | Class of 2012

Where Anshul Agarwal’s from, summers didn’t look like this.

“Coming from India, a country which is hot for the most part of the year, I had a newfound realization that summers could feel soft and kind,” Agarwal (MS ’12, advertising/marketing) says from that south Asian country, where she's now a Google user experience researcher.

“I remember quite a few afternoons, sitting in the shade of a tree in summer, mesmerized watching the play of sunlight in Quad.

“Another thing encrypted in my mind is the ARC Olympic swimming pool, where I used go daily in the evening, and find a little area where I didn’t drown with all of my 5-foot body.

“Though, once I learned, I made sure to cover the 7-foot area.”