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Nick Dolce

Nick Dolce

Director of development | UC Davis | Class of 2003

“I’m going to go with Record Service on Green between Wright and Sixth. I loved that place,” says UC Davis development director Nick Dolce (BS ’03, national resources conservation and resources).

“The staff that worked there were so insanely knowledgeable and were way cooler than I could ever be. 

“I would regularly walk in and tell someone to make a recommendation based on another album or band I liked. Nearly without fail, they would introduce me to something that was perfect for the mood I was in. They turned me on to the likes of Deltron, Air, Sigur Ross and Spiritualized. 

“And the smell is something I miss to this day — a heady mix of used vinyl, new CDs, leftover cigarette stink from a more unrefined time, incense, and often pungent smell from people that were in bands browsing next to you. 

“I believe it closed the year I left C-U. It’s heartbreaking that it didn’t become an institution on the level of Murphy’s or the Morrow Plots.”