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Molly Maloof

Molly Maloof

Bay Area physician entrepreneur | Strategic consultant | Class of 2006

As part-time undergrad jobs go, Dr. Molly Maloof's didn't even seem like work.

“I worked in the History & Philosophy Library, the Media Library and the Engineering Library,” says the Bay Area-based physician entrepreneur (BA '06, international studies). “The time I spent in these libraries both enabled me to get paid to study but exposed me to books that I would haven’t otherwise picked up.

“I got a second education in bioinformatics by learning how information systems worked. It helped me lay the groundwork for my career in medicine and research.

“I was able to read through syllabi for other courses and pick up books that I thought looked interesting. It gave me a deep love for lifelong learning and the amazing experience of discovering new information.

“I’m now a private concierge medical doctor who optimizes the health of high-performing investors, executives and entrepreneurs in San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

“I’m founding my first technology company. I’m organizing clinical trials in two countries. And, I’m teaching at Stanford University during the spring of 2019.

“I owe a lot to my education at UIUC and my time spent in the largest public library in the United States.”