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Arthur Baker

Arthur Baker

VP/asst. general counsel | Savills Studley | Class of 2009

No matter how many times he tells it, there’s one story that never fails to get a laugh out of Arthur Baker’s Sigma Chi pledge brothers. 

"For Halloween freshman year, a group of us dressed up as Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street, a math nerd with his trusty pocket protector, a couple Teletubbies and a host of other cartoon characters and made our way to a packed lecture at Lincoln Hall," says the vice president and assistant general counsel at Savills Studley.

"After finding a way to get backstage, we sent the math nerd out to the front of the lecture to act like he was lost and looking for his calculus class. The professor seemed genuinely concerned for him and politely let him know that he was in the wrong class.

"A few seconds later, Bert and Ernie nonchalantly skipped across the stage holding hands and started a dance-off. Before you know it, all havoc broke loose with the rest of us running out onstage and through the lecture hall. 

“The room erupted in laughter with even the professor encouraging our performance before graciously announcing that the remainder of the class was canceled for early Halloween celebrations.

"While many of us now wear suits working as doctors, businessmen and lawyers, this Telletuby can attest that we really are still a bunch of cartoon characters at heart.”