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Pete Zervakis

Pete Zervakis

TV reporter | TMJ4, Milwaukee | Class of 2011

Attention: graduating seniors.

If you haven’t yet made time to stop on the Quad, take a breath and soak it all in, you’d better get a move on it before it’s too late.

Trust Pete Zervakis on this one.

“For four years, I would walk through the Quad en route to class and occasionally stop and soak in how spectacular it is,” says Zervakis, now a reporter at TMJ4-TV in Milwaukee. “There’s something inspiring about seeing the imposing Illini Union building on one end of the Quad and Foellinger Auditorium on the other.

“On the day I left Champaign-Urbana as a graduate, I made my way over to the Quad one last time, walked smack in between the two buildings I mentioned, and sat down on the grass. I sat there in silence for about 30 minutes, and even got a bit choked up, reminiscing about four terrific years.

“I wanted to take in the Quad and all the beautiful buildings it houses one final time before I headed off to the adult world.”