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Bria Purdiman

Bria Purdiman

Account supervisor, Marketing | Burrell Communications | Class of 2014

What Bria Purdiman wouldn’t give for her guilty pleasure off the Merry Ann’s Diner menu right about now.

While working toward her bachelor’s in broadcast journalism, the 2014 grad was a regular at the 24-hour Gregory Street go-to spot.

“Aside from pulling all-nighters on an all-too frequent basis, I have a serious sweet tooth. Merry Ann’s was the perfect place to go to catch up with friends and conquer some school work, all while enjoying an amazing chocolate shake,” says the Burrell Communications account supervisor of marketing, who's due to earn a second UI degree (MBA) in 2020.

“I make sure I grab one every time I’m in Champaign.”

Which reminds her: Next time she’s back on the campus where her mom and all of her siblings went, there’s a family tradition she needs to take part in.

“I always like to stop by the Alumni Center and check out my mom and sisters’ names etched in stone on the patio there,” she says with a laugh. “I think it’s high time to squeeze myself and my brothers’ names on there.”