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Daissy Dominguez

Daissy Dominguez

Chicago immigration attorney | Dominguez Legal Justice Ctr. | Class of 2010

As campus hangouts go, La Casa Cultural Latina had everything Daissy Dominguez could ever want. 

Correction: almost everything. 

"If La Casa had showers, I would’ve probably never gone back to my dorm/apartment," says the Chicago-based immigration attorney. “Every time I return to campus, I always have to visit La Casa because when I think about my college days and the place that meant the most to me, it was my home away from home.

“Inside La Casa, my favorite spot was Ronnie Kann’s office and her amazing couch that made me fall asleep instantly. That couch witnessed thousands of naps, laughter, tears, heard me vent my frustrations but also heard my dreams, passions, and aspirations for the future after college.

"I would sit on that couch while Ronnie sat at her desk and provided me with guidance and support I needed at that time, she was my mentor, friend, and family.

"Being in that space with Ronnie was an integral part of how I developed into the individual that I am today.”