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Julie Bensman

Julie Bensman

Host, writer, producer | Created BBC’s ‘RSVP Abroad’ | Class of 2006

Who knew summer school could be this much fun?

“I stayed in Champaign one summer with three friends in the apartments behind Station. In what I recall as a near-nightly routine, we would walk to a nearby liquor store on Green; pick up a handle of Ron Diaz rum, the poor man’s Captain Morgan, and a 2-liter of Diet Coke; return to our apartment; and pregame with pretzels and cream cheese" says Julie Bensman ('06), now a Los Angeles-based TV host, writer and producer.

“Then around 10 p.m., we’d mosey down to the now-defunct Station Bar courtyard and drink vodka/Red Bulls in the humid summer night air.

“It was summer, drinks were $1 and class started at noon the next day.

"Life. Was. Good.”

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