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Fiona Soderberg

Fiona Soderberg

Program manager | Google | Class of 2009

For Google program manager Fiona Soderberg (’09), the spot is ... the Quad.

“Is that too cliche?” she asks.

Not at all — it ran a distant first in our survey of alumni, outpacing the Union, Lincoln Hall, even Kam’s.

“I spent countless hours there tempting the squirrels to get closer, watching the energetic slack-liners, studying between classes or spending a summer evening hanging out with friends before we all dispersed to our various hometowns for break,” Soderberg says from California. 

“Through undergrad and grad school, the sidewalks were pathways between classes and a needed respite from books, notes, professors and homework — all the while being surrounded by gorgeous scenery.

"There’s nothing quite like the U of I Quad.”