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Kristy Green

Kristy Green

Business director | ASTRO Studios | Class of 2007

We say Illinois, Kristy Green says ... Illini Media.

“I did promotions at 107.1 The Planet (now WPGU) and also worked in advertising at The Daily Illini. Both of these jobs exposed me to a ton of local businesses on- and off-campus and I spent many days driving around town in between classes, trying to sell ad space,” the ASTRO Studios business director (BS '07, advertising) says from San Francisco.

“There were staple clients like Kam’s and the now-closed Cookie Jar, but others like Dandelion Vintage, the Red Herring and AMKO grocery that I may not have visited otherwise. While I wasn’t the best salesperson, I loved these jobs because I got to meet a ton of new people and learn about the larger Champaign-Urbana community.

“And I will always have a soft spot for Murphy’s Pub, which I happened to live above for two years.

“One time, there was a huge snowstorm with temperatures so cold classes were canceled. Taking advantage of this ‘day off,’ we ventured downstairs to the pub for a beer and burger — and probably overstayed our welcome.

“There was nothing better than camping out at this cozy pub with good friends.”