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Ilina Scott

Ilina Scott

Lead creative strategist | Google of Northern Europe | Class of 2005

If not for the living-learning community known as Global Crossroads, it's a good bet Ilina Scott's Illini experience wouldn't have been as much fun as it was.

Writing from The Netherlands, where she's lead creative strategist for Google of Northern Europe, Scott ('05) recalled those first two years on campus, when she lived in "what was back then an experimental dorm community in Saunders Hall.

“As a freshman in 2001, my Anglophile dreams were answered — I’d been assigned a British roommate named Emma. My best memories are of us getting ready to go out in our tiny dorm room, Emma introducing me to 2-step garage and the wonders of GHD hair straighteners.

"Although I now live in Amsterdam and she in Hong Kong, we still keep in touch.

“I’m so happy to see Global Crossroads still exists. The program is for those interested in living with students from all over the world, offering events and seminars on international and multicultural affairs — and unofficial intros to British dance music.”

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