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Jared Tomaszewski

Jared Tomaszewski

Instructor of architecture/planning | Air Force Institute of Technology | Class of 2016

We say Illinois, Jared Tomaszewski says ... Temple Buell Hall.

“This was the architecture building and where the architecture students, including myself, spent countless hours,” says the instructor at the Air Force Institute of Technology (MS '16, architectural studies).

“We had classes, studio, meetings, conferences, end-of-semester presentations — basically, everything was out of TBH. As an architecture graduate student at UIUC, our studio classes were the most time-consuming and all of our free-time was spent working on our design projects in the studio at TBH.

“The overall environment of TBH is always bustling and active, since there are four floors of classrooms and studios.

"I now teach at the Air Force Institute of Technology, at the Civil Engineer School, as their instructor of architecture. I bring all of my memories from UIUC, especially Temple Buell Hall, to my classroom for my students.”