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Kiah Morris

Kiah Morris

Former Vermont state representative | Women’s Leadership Fellow | Class of 2006

Prominently mentioned in her Vermont legislative bio is the history former state Rep. Kiah Morris ('06) was a part of in the mid-2000s at Illinois.

“A place that is close to my heart is the old Women’s Studies house. I spent so many days there preparing my thesis and finding inspiration from faculty and peers there," says Morris, who earned her bachelor's in gender and women's studies.

"I remember my graduating class, the first to earn official majors in the field, presenting our capstone work in a standing-room only event full of supporters and scholars who were genuinely interested in our research. We knew that we were making major history in that small space.

“My second most memorable place, by far, was Zorba’s. So many meals eaten and served there. I remember jazz concerts, first dates, study sessions and eating the best damn crinkle cut fries I think I have ever had.

"Needless to say, it was a great job to have and a great place to be. 

“And finally, the Armory. I spent many nights running rehearsals for ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ in classrooms on the top floor. Lots of pizza deliveries to that place. In fact, one night we cast one of the delivery people in the show when a member dropped out.”