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Lou Morton

Lou Morton

Graphic artist | Disney ABC TV Group | Class of 2006

Pick a house, any house, on a certain stretch of Busey Ave. in Urbana, and it’s a good bet Lou Morton either lived there or was neighbors with those who did.

“All of my fondest memories are from different houses on the stretch of Busey Ave. between Washington and Springfield. I lived in different houses on that street and so did most of my closest friends,” says Morton, who earned his bachelor’s degree in industrial and product design in 2006 and is now a graphic artist for the Disney ABC Television Group.

“Some highlights were: playing Mafia, the party game, around a campfire in the snow weekly behind the House of Ten, where 10 — but usually more — friends lived; dressing up as ninjas and fake kidnapping a friend from that same house; dance parties at the house on Springfield; and starting a band in the basement of congresswoman Naomi Jakobsson, where my friends lived.

“I sure miss riding my bike down those bumpy brick Urbana streets.”