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People 110 Los Angeles

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Greg Spero

Progressive jazz pianist

Toured with Halsey, founded Spirit Fingers

Armando Espinal

Senior financial analyst

Disney Television Animation

Doug Erhard

Wealth management advisor

Northwest Mutual of Champaign

Cristy Chapman Uhrig

1999 Dike Eddleman Award

All-Big Ten middle blocker

Jason Cong

Distinguished chancellor’s professor

Computer science, UCLA

Yeerik Moy

VP, Labor Relations

Sony Pictures Entertainment

Jim Neckopulos

Executive director/banking

Ernst & Young

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An education that proves your purpose

Jeffrey Lieber

TV/film screenwriter/producer

‘Lost’ co-creator

Susan Rankaitis

Professor of art

Scripps College

Bruce Singman

LA-based attorney

Former Illini fullback

Ryan McPartlin

LA-based actor

‘Captain Awesome’ Woodcomb on ‘Chuck’

Matthew Jones

Actor with 50+ credits

Appeared on ‘Scandal,’ ‘General Hospital’

Titus Potter

Assistant district attorney

NY Narcotics and Gangs Bureau

Kyle Mays

Assistant professor


Vida Cornelious

Group creative director

The Walt Disney Co.

Paula Welander

Stanford assistant professor

Earth System Science

Joey Scavuzzo

TV writer

'The Good Fight' (CBS)

Jonathan Kite

Actor, comedian

CBS' ‘2 Broke Girls’

Dan Zaharopol

Founder, director

Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics

Tyler Zimmerman

Systems engineer

UTC Aerospace Systems

Zahra Dowlatabadi

Animation producer, consultant

Los Angeles

Justin Bois

Biology lecturer


Paul Walmsley

Financial advisor

Merrill Lynch

Leslie Bardo Gordon

Writer, marketer, strategist

LeslieWrites, LLC

Petrea Burchard

Actor, author

Audiobook narrator, ACX.com