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Raed Elkhatib

Raed Elkhatib

President/CEO | Atlantic-Pacific Capital | Class of 1998

In the interest of full disclosure: “When I first started at the U of I, one of the last locations where you would find me was a study hall,” Raed Elkhatib confesses. “My study habits definitely left a lot to be desired.

“However, once I saw the focus of those studying in the President’s Lounge — from green undergrads to seasoned med students — it caught my attention.”

And just like that, the future CEO of Atlantic-Pacific Capital was a serious student — at least when he was in that favorite spot in the Illini Union, anyway.

“It was also a place where everyone knows everyone,” he says, “which gave me that Norm feeling from ‘Cheers.’  

“The old adage work hard, play hard was certainly in effect — once I was there, I was all business. Then, when I left, I felt better about getting up to more fun college antics. It was a sort of portal — because it was so quiet and secluded, it allowed me to be very efficient with my study time. 

“Oh yeah, and those comfortable couches provided for great cat naps between classes."