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People 50 2003

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Shannon Beranek

Transportation engineer

City of Urbana

Brian Cook

5th on UI scoring list (1,748 points)

2,312 points in nine NBA seasons

Patty Cisneros Prevo

3-time basketball Paralympian

Coached Illini women to national title

Emma Dorantes

Staff attorney, legal advocate

Illinois Guardianship and Advocacy Commission

Jessica Pitcher

Champaign principal

Robeson Elementary

Bill Self

3 seasons, 3 NCAA tournaments

78-24 as Illini basketball coach (2000-03)

Sarah Baumgartner

Deputy athletic director

Rutgers University

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An education that proves your purpose

Bhibha Das

Assistant professor, East Carolina

3-time Jeopardy! contestant

Scott Tess

Environmental sustainability manager

City of Urbana

Paul Booth

DePaul associate professor

Media and cinema studies

Zack Rosen

CEO, co-founder

Pantheon Systems

Todd BenDor

Professor of city and regional planning

UNC-Chapel Hill

Louise Lee Ryoo


El Roble Home Care

Anne Carpenter

Scientist, imaging platform senior director

Broad Institute at Harvard and MIT

Venus Evans-Winters

Associate professor

Illinois State University

Lennon Rodgers

Director, Engineering Design Innovation Lab

University of Wisconsin

Brad Gillette

Director, supply chain excellence

Ryder System, Inc.

Jonathan Kinkley

Philanthropic advisor

Art Institute of Chicago

Tom Ludwig

General counsel

National Loan Exchange

Gagan Bhatia


DataStride Solutions

Allen Yang

Executive director

Cal Center for Augmented Cognition

Rajeev Ram

ATP Tour pro

On ’03 national title team

Daisy Porter-Reynolds

Executive director

Aurora Public Library

Chang Wang

Minnesota law partner

College professor

Sarah Schoppe-Sullivan

Professor, human sciences

Ohio State