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Jackie Waldman

Jackie Waldman

Judge advocate general | U.S. Air Force | Class of 2011

Between the four years she spent pursuing her bachelor’s degree and the three she spent in law school, there’s barely a nook or cranny of campus that Jackie Waldman didn’t touch. 

But one spot stands above all the rest. 

“On many a rainy day, I’d find myself lost in the Main Stacks of the library," says the Air Force's judge advocate general. "You had to show student ID to enter, and it actually is a dimly lit dungeon of books. it was a great place to pass time and unearth treasures from lives and cultures past.

"As a language major, I loved finding esoteric novels written in languages I hadn’t heard of before. I even once lost my iCard in the shelves of the Stacks and had to convince them to let me back in without ID to find it. It took awhile, but I found my iCard, and I used it to check out more books.

“Anyway, the dungeon is a never-ending labyrinth, but I never left disappointed.”