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Noah Spiegel

Noah Spiegel

Managing director | Nashville Children’s Theatre | Class of 1997

To find Noah Spiegel’s happy place, head just to the left of the stairs that lead to the main office hallway at Krannert

That’s where the stage manager’s office is located. Or, as Spiegel knows it, “Main Street in the lower level of KCPA."

It's "where all of the hallways intersected between rehearsal studios and the four theatres inside the building," says the managing director of the Nashville Children’s Theatre. "I remember feeling spoiled by the industrial glamour of this part of the building — how it serenely served all of the genres of performing arts without judgment – a servant’s heart. It was the inner sanctum of the building.

"I loved the privilege of being a part of that building, holding a key to the stage manager’s office and being at home making theatre with my colleagues and classmates.

"Twenty years after graduating, the smells and feeling of being in that hallway stay with me. I’ve had the joy of being part of productions from the San Francisco Opera to New York City Opera, but I’ll always remember signing out the huge rings of keys at the loading dock and starting a day of grad school at KCPA.”