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Ray Lauk

Ray Lauk

Founder/owner | Dr. Ray’s Toffee | Class of 1998

The traditional grad student, Ray Lauk was most definitely not.

“In 1993, I was 33 and the new superintendent of the Cerro Gordo school district," he says. "As the father of two very young children, the only place that I was able to do my doctoral research was in the Stacks of the grad school library. 

"I would leave school, go for a run in the South Farms to clear my mind and then take refuge in my locked study carrel. 

"It’s possible that I may have also caught up on a good deal of sleep in that carrel.

"I finally graduated with my Ph.D. in educational administration in 1996, and now I sometimes teach as an adjunct for the College of Education. And I still have my key to the study carrel.”