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Rebecca Bilbro

Rebecca Bilbro

Lead data scientist | ByteCubed, Inc. | Class of 2011

You name it, future ByteCubed lead data scientist Rebecca Bilbro did it at her favorite place to start the morning in C-U.

“My strongest memories of the U of I are sitting in the Espresso Royale at East Daniel and South Sixth,” says the two-degree UI grad. “For nearly eight years, through both my master’s and Ph.D. programs, I went there every day.

“Espresso was where I went with friends to grab coffee between classes or to take prospective students during their campus visits. It was where I’d meet up with my dissertation director for our weekly check-ins on the progress of my research.

“Sometimes, my boyfriend — now husband — would even come meet me there for lunch.

“It was always packed and noisy, but somehow I spent some of my most productive hours there — probably all the caffeine — and I still have very fond memories of those hand-painted tables, irregular chairs and the heady smell of coffee in the air.”