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Art Kramer

Beckman Institute director, 2010-16

Professor/center director, Northeastern University

Meg Bates

U of Chicago senior research and evaluation scientist

Director of digital teacher learning research

Kevin Jackson

Hematology program manager

Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute

Keith Westcott

2010 LAS Distinguished Service Award

Retired scientist, visiting UI scholar

Deborah Paul

Pioneering researcher, biochemist

34-plus years at Abbott Laboratories

Dale Kempf

Abbvie distinguished research fellow

Director of Neglected Diseases Research

Mike Small

Illini golf coach

11-time Big Ten Coach of the Year

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Howard Aizenstein

2019 LAS Alumni Achievement Award

Physician, scientist, Pitt professor

Bob Rauber

Director, School of Earth, Society and Environment

Professor of atmospheric sciences

Adam Davis

UI professor of crop sciences

College of ACES

Jacob Calvert

Chief scientist, Dascena

Pursuing Ph.D. at Cal-Berkeley

Justin Kardel


Sextus Industries

Daeyeol Lee

Professor of neuroscience, psychology, psychiatry

Yale University

David Faiman

Israel-based director

Ben-Gurion National Solar Energy Center

Anne Carpenter

Scientist, imaging platform senior director

Broad Institute at Harvard and MIT

Bonner Denton

Professor of chemistry, biochemistry

University of Arizona

Avinash Kumar

Research scientist

Intel Labs

Michael Burton

Assistant professor

University of Texas-Dallas

Scott Slimmer

Laboratory manager

Harvard University

Areg Danagoulian

MIT assistant professor

Nuclear Science and Engineering

Paula Welander

Stanford assistant professor

Earth System Science

Stephanie Majewski

Associate professor of physics

University of Oregon

Harvey Yu

Data scientist

GIC of Singapore

Cindy Chang

Assoc. director, business operations

Codexis, Inc.

Vincent Ling

Senior director

Takeda Pharmaceuticals