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Remi Dada

Remi Dada

B2C product marketing head | YouTube, Sub-Saharan Africa

As dorms go, Remi Dada realizes now how good he had it as a sophomore live it in Snyder Hall.

Luxurious it was not — “the windows were left cracked open in my room cause we had no A/C,” Dada says — but doing so came with a few perks.

“On Tuesdays, the aroma of grilled steak from Fat Don’s filled the room, which was opposite the cafeteria. At night, cool breeze swept the room and brought with it the crackling sound of dry leaves flying across the pavement during the fall.”

Another favorite Snyder sound: “the yelling followed by laughter you heard across the hall when one someone got totally owned in Halo multiplayer.”

These days, Dada makes his home in Nigeria, where he’s the Sub-Saharan Africa region B2C product marketing head for YouTube. But he’s still in touch with “lifelong friends” he met that year living in the dorm.