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Gina Chinino Dardi

Gina Chinino Dardi

Global comms manager | Cushman & Wakefield | Class of 2012

Among the wisest moves of Gina Chinino Dardi’s young life: moving into the Gamma Phi Beta sorority house.

“I met so many amazing friends and had a complete blast living with 50-plus girls in the sorority house,” Cushman & Wakefield’s global communications manager says from Chicago. “I loved getting dressed up for our themed exchanges, going to barn dance, having football block and so much more.

“Our sorority was extremely close to the fraternity Delta Tau Delta and I met many great guy friends through this connection as well. And, on January 13, 2018, I got married to one of those Delta Tau Delta fraternity boys and I had three of my sorority sisters as my bridesmaids.

“Being in a sorority is the most unique and exciting experience. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”