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Sam Kellerhals

Sam Kellerhals

Healthcare consultant | SJK Consulting, Denver | Class of 1980

You never knew who you’d bump into on the local bar scene back in the 1970s, as Sam Kellerhals (MBA ’80) remembers that glorious era.

“One night, I found Gary Richrath, then lead guitar player for the band-gone-big, REO Speedwagon, leaning against the bar,” says Kellerhals, now a Denver-based health care consultant and author.

Kellerhals’ place was the Red Lion Inn. Or, to put it more descriptively, “the smoky, dark and very loud Red Lion Inn,” he says. 

“It was the place to go for live music — of the true rock and roll variety. Bands from around the region cycled through every couple of months or so. So, you could always catch your favorite acts regularly, like the Slink Rand Group, Horace Monster and Head East.  

“And you’d always run into someone to hang out with.”