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Amber McReynolds

Amber McReynolds

CEO, National Vote At Home Institute and Coalition | Co-author, ‘When Women Vote’ | Class of 2001

Long before she was named Denver’s elections director or had TIME Magazine call her “perhaps the country’s most outspoken evangelist for voting by mail,” Amber McReynolds got an education in political science.

Doing the educating: UI Professor Brian Gaines.

“I had quite a few political science classes with Brian and he was also my faculty advisor for my parliamentary internship abroad that was a key milestone in my life,” McReynolds says from Colorado, where she’s CEO of the National Vote At Home Institute and Coalition.

“I appreciated Brian’s practical approach to political science and he encouraged us to be thoughtful about both sides of an issue. I have always been unaffiliated and do believe better civil and political discourse is achievable if we actually listen to each other.

“The study abroad program in London was life-changing for me and I’m very grateful to Brian’s guidance throughout that process.”

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