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Stephen Katz

Stephen Katz

North American director | Jews for Jesus | Class of 1979

Regrettably, Stephen Katz’s favorite Campustown hangout is long gone.

RIP, Bubby and Zadie’s.

“When most other places had already closed for the night, I would head over to Green Street. It was downstairs, a small place filled with old furniture — sort of bohemian — that had a cozy, private vibe that allowed me to decompress from the stress and pace of classes,” says Katz, who earned his bachelor’s degree in social work in 1979, 10 years before he began a long career with Jews for Jesus.

“Whether to study, talk with friends, have a hot drink, or some marble-flavored halva with nuts, this was my go-to after-hours place.

“Of course, I also have to mention the DeLuxe — mostly a pool hall that I never played pool at — but also a favorite Friday lunch spot because of their beer-battered fish sandwich served with pickles and raw onions. Yum.”