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Telisa Yancy

Telisa Yancy

President | American Family Insurance | Class of 1990

Her job these days — president of American Family Insurance — has taken Telisa Yancy to the Super Bowl and beyond.

She was named to Ebony magazine’s 2016 Power 100 (among her company: the Obamas, Beyonce and Michael Jordan) and one of Advertising Age’s 2017 Women to Watch.

But every now and again, she still misses that part-time gig she landed as a freshman and kept throughout her four years at Illinois — working the front door at IMPE.

“Getting to meet so many different people was the common theme to my entire collegiate career,” Yancy says. “No matter what major, what issue I was facing, my job at IMPE was the consistent theme of my college days. I learned to balance work and school, meet new people and make the most of every moment.

“My favorite memory of IMPE — watching the members of our then-fabulous Flyin’ Illini work out and talk trash in the gym.”

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