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Valerie Miller

Valerie Miller

Taxonomy manager | Politico | Class of 2012

We say Illinois, Valerie Miller (MS ’12, library and information science) says ... bananas and caffeine.

“I think immediately of the coffee shop across the street from GSLIS (Graduate School of Library and Information Science) — the electric conversations, the quiet times studying in a cozy nook, the zucchini bread, lattes and bananas were key to happy sustenance during fast-paced days,” says the Washington, D.C.-based taxonomy manager at Politico.

“When I think about people at UIUC who impacted my life, I think of (TA) Safiya Noble and Professor Leigh Estabrook, who rocked my world with their master’s level Introduction to Libraries class.

“And I think of my husband, Jesse Lambertson, whom I met in that same class, and our first conversations over bananas and caffeine — at the coffee shop, of course.”