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Valli Herman

Valli Herman

Veteran journalist | Formerly of LA Times | Class of 1981

After three majors in as many years, Valli Herman wasn't sure what she'd wind up doing after graduation.

Then this happened:

“The first time I descended the stairs of Illini Hall to enter the subterranean offices of The Daily Illini, the musty basement looked to me like some glamorous oasis. I saw an exciting, real world there in the haze of cigarette smoke, the green glow of clunky word processor screens and the pale, pudgy and unshaven editor dozing on a dank couch in the corner.

"After three years and as many declared majors, in that moment I finally knew I’d found them — my people," says the veteran reporter, whose byline can be found in Fortune Magazine and the Los Angeles Times, among other major print publications.