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Elizabeth Austin

Editorial consultant

Social media strategist

Crystal Park

Journalism and mass media instructor

Pierce College

Judy Hevrdejs

Writer, editor, columnist

Chicago Tribune, Daily News

Heidi Opdyke

Senior writer/editor

Carnegie Mellon University

Charlie J. Johnson


Chicago Tribune

Martin Fackler

Former assistant Asia editor

The New York Times

Shaleen Aghi Title

Cannabis Control Commission

State of Massachusetts

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Mei-Mei Chan Kirk

Retired media executive

Started at USA Today

Michael Smeltzer


Former UI professor

Andy Kessler

Inside View columnist

Wall Street Journal

Russ Mitchell

Automotive tech writer

Los Angeles Times

Erin Carlson

Editor in chief

The Nob Hill Gazette

Kim Tan

South editor

The Boston Globe

Brent McDonald

Senior video journalist

The New York Times

Valli Herman

Veteran journalist

Formerly of LA Times

Steve Timble

Global account executive

The Wall Street Journal

Glenn Howatt

Pulitzer-winning reporter

Minneapolis Star Tribune

Vince Fabrizio

Director, client services

Dow Jones

Samarth Bhaskar

Senior editor

The New York Times

Kenneth Chang

Science reporter

The New York Times

Dan Petrella

Business source editor

Chicago Tribune

Larry Ingrassia

Managing editor

Los Angeles Times

Andy Regal

Senior consultant

The Wall Street Journal

Mary Jo Meisner

Veteran newspaper editor

3-time Pulitzer juror

Jim Morrill

Political writer

Charlotte Observer