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Ahmed Sameh

Ahmed Sameh

Purdue professor emeritus | Computer science | Class of 1968

He works for a Big Ten rival these days but Ahmed Sameh will always be an Illini at heart.

Five-plus decades ago, he earned his Ph.D. from the UI's Department of Civil Engineering — "ranked first in the nation at that time,” the Purdue professor emeritus proudly points out.

“I remember fondly the leaders of that department who provided me with great education: Professors Nathan Newmark, Alfredo Ang and Arthur Robinson. After graduation, I joined the Department of Computer Science to work on the Illiac IV project under the leadership of the late Professor Daniel Slotnick.

“In addition to Professor Slotnick, other CS faculty who had profound impact on my career were the late Professor James Snyder, as well as Professor David Kuck, who’s currently an Intel fellow.”