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Angie Rieger

Angie Rieger

Senior VP | Lands’ End | Class of 1989

Angie Rieger's three most vivid UI memories, two-plus decades later:

1. "Studying on Sunday afternoons in the Union. I had to get there early to get a sofa. I studied, napped and hung out for entire Sundays on those sofas."

2. "Taking pictures on graduation day with a childhood friend. Our friendship had been strained the last year of school and on graduation morning we met on the Quad, took pictures in various places and 25 years later every time we talk, it’s as if we speak every day. I am blessed to have had that morning as a 'restart' to a lifelong friendship."

3. "Falling asleep during a stat final that I had spent all night studying for. Lowest grade — and hardest grade — I ever worked for."