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Arnyce Pock

Arnyce Pock

Colonel (retired) | U.S. Air Force | Class of 1981

Before she was appointed medical director of the Air Force Medical Corps, awarded five Meritorious Service medals and chosen to lead the development of the U.S. International Health Specialist Program, this was Arnyce Pock:

"As a novice Air Force ROTC cadet who sometimes felt like she had two left feet, I spent a lot of time on the ground level of the Armory – not only learning how to properly execute an ‘about face’ and ‘change step,' but also learning how to lead a flight of fellow ROTC cadets through a precision marching drill comprised of 54 specific drill commands," says the retired Air Force veteran.

"Timing and execution were key, as the goal was to start and end at precisely the same location without leading your flight on an unscripted tour of the Armory floor.

"Needless to say, though, practice really does make perfect as I used many of these marching and leadership skills throughout my 20-plus year career in the U.S. Air Force.”