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Doris Houston

Doris Houston

Director, Illinois State U | Center for Adoption Studies | Class of 1983

For Doris Houston, there's no place like the Bruce Nesbitt African American Cultural Center — her home away from home in the early '80s.

It came "furnished with a couple of 'gently worn' couches, a piano, television and lots of open space for students to gather, work on homework, and on the weekends, dance to the 1980s sounds of Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Kool & the Gang.

“For many of us who were first generation college students, the 'Black House' was a place for us to fellowship, receive mentoring from 'Uncle Bruce' and the cultural center staff — Nathaniel Banks, and Mrs. Harmon. Any day of the week, you might find a half-eaten pizza in the kitchen, or a few left-over snacks from a cultural event. The basement housed the WBML, student radio station.

“As the campus looks build the new Bruce Nesbitt cultural center, the memories of the old building on Nevada will live on.”